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Growing up

Growing up in the entertainment industry meant spending lots of time on set. I would try and visit my siblings as often as possible. When I graduated high school, I was offered a “stand-In” position on the set of Full House. A “stand-in” is someone who fills in for an actor while they are in hair and makeup, wardrobe, or school for child actors. Since I am a petite 4″11′, I was able to have a very successful career as a stand-in and that career started on Full House.

``Everywhere You Look``

After 6 years, Full House ended their run and I moved to over to the show Home Improvement. I was hired to stand in for the boys and YES, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is super cute and super sweet!! I worked there for 4 years, with lots of commercials and movies in between. 20 years as a stand-in was a wonderful career.

``Randy`` Jonathan Taylor Thomas

``Brad`` Zachery Ty Bryan

Time and me.

Lots of time passed and it wasn’t until recently that I was asked to be apart of the crew on a film in Chickamuga, Ga, “The Farmer and The Belle saving Santaland“. I was so excited to be on set again after so long. The lights, cameras, craft service, all the fun stuff that goes into making movie magic. This time around I was asked to be a set production assistant. It was great learning new skills, and I also had a small acting part playing a contestant in Santaland. This was a highlight for me as I got to wrestle piglets in a real pig pen. Mud, poop and everything in between… YUCK!!!!!

Thank you to the small community of Chickamuga, Ga and Camp New Dawn for your hospitality during production. My heart belongs on the farm.

I loved being a stand-in. I have met some wonderful cast and crew and my memories will never be forgotten. I am so thankful that I am venturing into bigger areas of entertainment, and I can’t wait to share what is on the horizon. ~ Bridgette



  • Lisa

    June 29, 2019

    How cool! 😍


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