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About Bellas Who Travel

Who would have thought two strangers, separated by over a 1,000 miles, would meet on social media and become the best of friends? Well, thanks to social media and the web, we are one of the few exception stories in the media today. As our friendship grew, we found that we shared so much in common including our passion for musical theater and of courseā€¦travel. We both share a common value of having a strong faith in our lives and contribute our friendship as non-coincidental, but what we like to call God winks šŸ˜‰. Our friendship formed during a time, in both of our lives, where God placed us together for a reason. Over the years, we now see what that reason was and we can not wait to share with you. Our adventures range from bass fishing on Table Rock Lake, Missouri, yachting lessons in San Diego Harbor, concertos at the renowned Hollywood Bowl, to discovering the architectural beauty of the Spanish Steps of Rome, Italy, and everything in between. Our journeys are filled with lots of giggles and memories to last a lifetime. So grab your favorite mug (Rae Dunn, of course) sit down, look around, and enjoy Bridgette & Emily Living Life Adventurously!