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Bellas who travel favorite things 💜

Bellas who travel favorite things 💜


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Washington DC & NYC!


When you open up your home to someone who lives and have them stay with your family because you have a heart and compassion to encourage them and help them reach their goals, that is the heart of friendship that Bridgette and Emily share. That friendship has grown to become a friendship of BFF’s!

—Barbara C.

I admire Bridgette and Emily's friendship, full of unconditional love and lots of laughter.

—Kristie V.

Emily and Bridgette have an incredible connection as friends who love to have fun and travel together. Every trip is full of adventure, education, and wonderful memories worth sharing.

—Karen Best (Mayor of Branson, MO)

I always enjoy spending time with these ladies. They are a hoot! Great tips & advice.

—Lisa S.

Met Bridgette & Emily in Branson. It's easy to see that these two ladies are great friends! I hope to see them again soon in Branson.

—Danny (Branson's Tour Guide)